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C.A.R.E Diesel®’s high quality is especially recommended for recreational and commercial boating. It is odorless, emission-reduced, environmentally friendly, cold resistant, and has a very long shelf life.

Sustainable and Climate-Friendly

C.A.R.E Diesel® is almost CO2-neutral, renewable, and climate-friendly. The product is recognized, approved, and ISCC certified to the biomass / bioenergy guidelines prescribed by the German Federal Government. C.A.R.E. Diesel® corresponds to the Austrian Standard ONR CEN / TS 15940.

Used Without Restrictions

C.A.R.E Diesel® requires no special handling or different storage methods, so it is suitable for diesel engines in recreational boating without further modifications. It is fully integrated and compatible with existing distribution and logistics systems and requires no additional investment in this area.

Outstanding quality, shelf-stable and cold-resistant

Der C.A.R.E Diesel® significantly exceeds the quality requirements (EN 590) for diesel fuels (with the exception the minimum density) and is clearly superior in performance to both conventional biodiesel and fossil diesel. It has, by virtue of the very high cetane number and purest composition, a performance enhancing quality without requiring additives. In addition, C.A.R.E Diesel® has a very slow aging and high storage stability factor, and in extreme temperatures, this diesel fuel is cold resistant.

C.A.R.E Diesel® for more safety at sea

Until this time, operators of all craft have avoided the addition of biodiesel (FAME) to fossil diesel because of the much higher water content; almost always leading back to serious incidents in operation. The cause is normally shown to be a fuel filter clogged by the deposits left by residue. This problem is impossible with C.A.R.E Diesel® on the basis of its chemical properties. With the added assurance of C.A.R.E Diesel® purity, even the seasonal boater with a diesel drive can enjoy a trouble-free experience while reducing emissions.

Clean-burning and Odor-free

  • Significant emission reduction
  • GHG reduction
  • Less ‘cold start‘ emissions
  • No water problem or filter clogging
  • Clean fuel injectors, valves and combustion chambers
  • Colourless
  • Water hazard class 1
  • No microbial in-fuel or filter growth
  • Constant flow
  • No typical diesel odour in the ship
  • Drastically reduced soot deposits on the hull
Engine Series Volvo Penta D6

Engine Series Volvo Penta D6

Test Results “Boote Magazin”

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Data Source: Boote Magazin 2015/11