Logistics, Transport & Passenger Transport

The logistical challenges of the near future – more goods, longer transport distances, less emissions – require new, environmentally friendly solutions.

C.A.R.E Diesel®, unlike conventional biodiesel, can fully replace fossil diesel with fewer emissions. It is suitable for all diesel engines and, in its pure form, i.e. without blending, used by fossil diesel engines.

OPTIBIO – Trendsetting Field Trial

Between 2007 and 2010, a total of 300 commercial vehicles manufactured by Scania and IVECO were tested with the C.A.R.E Diesel® basic substance. The vehicles were driven about 50 million kilometres; 1.5 million km where only the 100% product was used. The test results confirm that it is easily the equivalent of conventional diesel and can replace it without further modifications.

Based on these excellent results, the Scania-manufactured regional and intercity buses with DC9 engines have been operating since 2010 with the low-emission C.A.R.E Diesel® basic substance.

The Advantages of a C.A.R.E Diesel® fleet

  • Upgrading or conversions of vehicles or supply systems are not required.
  • Lower service / maintenance costs than for conventional biofuels
  • Significant reductions of environmentally damaging emissions can be expected
  • Less clogging of the particle filter due to greatly reduced particulate emissions

Environmental Impact of C.A.R.E Diesel®

The reduction of polluting emissions is gaining favour in urban environments worldwide and it is becoming increasingly important to the health of the community.

Here, C.A.R.E Diesel® for both truck and bus fleets, is the forward-looking decision.